8X8 Fifth Wheel Tractor

8X8 Fifth Wheel Tractor

Price: $ 42,500 {SOLD}


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1994 Oshkosh M1070  Commercial Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET). 25755 Miles Powered by a 8V92TA 500 HP Detroit Diesel engine driving through an Allison CLT-755 5-speed automatic with TC-496 torque converter and an Oshkosh transfer case. GVWR, Maximum: 86,000 lbs; Curb weight 40,900, max gross combination vehicle weight 231,400. Features two 38,000 pound capacity heavy duty hydraulic winches and one 3,000 pound winch. Michelin 16.00R20 tires. . four new battery’s truck new cost over 275.000.00 UTube M1070 and see some of the unbelievable feats this
truck does effortlessly. The Army uses this to pull the M-1 Abrams tank, no small task in itself. If you are needing a truck that will pull almost
anything you throw at it, this is the truck. Oil field, heavy construction, massive towing, with its winches, this is the ideal truck.

This is a complete list of specifications on the M1070:
M1070 Tractor
Manufacturer: Oshkosh Truck Corporation
Length: 358″
Width: 102″
Height: 141.5″
Curb Weight: 41,000 lb.
Gross Combination Weight (GCW): 231,400 lb.
Gross Vehicle Weight: 86,000 lb.
Kingpin Load: 45,000 lb.
Configuration: 8×8
Wheel Base: 215″